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Sound Therapy to Relax, Release and Restore

Welcome to Oceans of Calm, a sound therapy offering for both children and  adults, that supports the body’s natural ability to self heal and regain balance.

Sound therapy imparts feelings of deep relaxation and peace, felt immediately within the first session.

The sounds work naturally and energetically with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the body to trigger ‘homeostasis’, our spontaneous built in capability for self healing, self regulation, harmony and wholeness.

When one of the layers of the body is out of tune, an imbalance may occur, this could be experienced by you as:


Key question: What am I sensing in my body?

Sound Therapy can ease physical conditions, aches and pains. 


Key question: What am I thinking?

Sound Therapy can ease unwanted thoughts and mental blocks.


Key question: What am I feeling?

Sound Therapy can ease unwanted feelings and emotional blocks.


Key question: Who am I? Where do I fit in? Why am I here?

Sound Therapy can enable recognition of identity and belonging, connection and Soul Purpose.

Whether you are looking for a preventative relaxation method to help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life, or are feeling generally out of balance, sound therapy is a relaxing aid. If you are seeking a complementary method to accompany and assist your recovery from a trauma or condition, you will find this a reliable and non invasive approach, that has been proven to accelerate and benefit recovery.

Sound therapy can provide wide ranging assistance including:

  • Relaxation and feelings of peace
  • Return of energy, vitality and feelings of well being
  • Higher levels of creativity, problem solving skills, learning ability and memory
  • Pain relief
  • Improved immunity
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Health improvements for specific conditions (Infections, migraine and headaches, breaks and fractures, wound care, scars, muscular pain, limb and joint pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain, gall bladder and digestive conditions, skin conditions, IBS, menstrual pain, menopause, mobility)
  • Child calming and relaxation for emotions and behaviours, especially for children with ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s
  • Energy and sleep Improvements
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Low mood or mood swings
  • Fear and guilt
  • Low self worth and self esteem
  • Forgiveness
  • Sadness and depression
  • Hopelessness and despair
  • Self harming
  • Stress relief
  • Peace of mind and mental chatter
  • Trauma memories and triggers
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Connections and relationships
  • Balancing and grounding
  • Clarity and focus
  • Unwanted thoughts and feelings e.g. numb, void, disconnected, not feeling yourself, empty, lonely, unloved, self critical
  • Psychosis (N.B. clients need to have been stabilised by their psychiatrist before sessions can commence).
  • Intuition and Spiritual Connection
  • Soul Awareness and Connection
  • Soul Purpose
  • Reawakening of Ancient Memories and Wisdom
  • Consciousness Expansion and Cosmic Connection

During your first initial appointment I will listen to you, as you describe your self help and self recovery goals and what you intend and hope to gain from the session. Together we will complete your well-being assessment, which will give us both a clearer understanding of your current state of health and how we can tailor the session for your needs. Then it’s time for you to lay down and rest, while you receive a deeply relaxing, gentle and soothing, sound therapy session with the tuning forks.

Following this initial face to face session, you will then have a choice for future subsequent sessions, choosing between either an in person face to face therapy session, or a session via distance healing.

Typically between three to six sessions are recommended to help assist in the stimulation and opening up of your restorative path. Your safety and well-being is paramount and during the initial consultation we will put into place your personal ‘keeping you safe’ plan, which will include an understanding of any current medical conditions you might have and hygiene protocols that we will both follow. Sessions are designed to enable you to reach a deep state of relaxation, lying down on a therapy couch, fully clothed.

As an angel intuitive I work naturally with the sounds, trusting my inner guidance to select the sounds and tones that are right for you at this time.  You may feel that this non intrusive, non talking aspect of sound therapy enables you to relax, without having the added pressure of needing to share what might be painful or traumatising details from your past.

If sound therapy feels right for you, then I look forward to holding a gentle, caring and healing space, whilst you embark on your road of self healing and self discovery.  

“In the core of our centre is a peaceful loving place that we can access anytime, regardless of what is going on in our external world, for purity and innocence can be regained. Now is the time for your bluebird to fly over the rainbow, may the plan of love, light and peace be restored to your inner world and our beautiful planet”

Gloria x

Caring for you with loving hands embraced by a loving heart

Please note that sound therapy is a complementary therapy and not a replacement for any medical treatment that you may be having. Please always seek professional support from your Doctor should you be experiencing any physical, mental or emotional symptoms that are a cause of worry or concern for you and ensure that you maintain any established recommended treatment plans until otherwise directed to do so by your Doctor/healthcare professional. Please be assured that all information is held in the strictest of confidence and GDPR compliant.


Sound Therapy to Relax Release and Restore