About Gloria

I initially started out training as a Zoologist because of my love for animals and then decided to move into adult education and training, due to my interest and enthusiasm for helping people to grow and develop to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

With a successful career in training and development, I have worked Internationally in Director positions for large blue chip companies, including a long career in Healthcare. I have experience of writing and delivering technical medical training, as well as leadership and management training and development. 

In more recent years I have pursued my passion for working with children through teaching and educating kindergarten children, which is such a joy and I am currently researching spiritual intelligence in children in their early years.

I have training in special needs and have volunteered as a play therapist for Children in Hospital Ireland.

I currently volunteer with the ISPCC Childline service as a call facilitator and with the MSPCA (Mayo Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals) and Seal Rescue Ireland, as a Rescue Volunteer.

I believe every one of us has a spiritual aspect to ourselves, our ‘True Nature’ which is loving, whole and complete, with the capability to be intuitively and Divinely guided. 

I really resonate with the Angelic frequency and actively work with the Angels and Mother Nature especially the flowers and trees. I am trained as a Nature Connection Guide and really believe in the power of Nature to restore and heal our physical, mental and emotional body’s as well as helping us to expand our consciousness and discover our True spiritual Nature within.

I passionately promote walking out in Nature and connecting to the Earth to help maintain our balance and wellness, enabled through our sensory connection and the sheer joy evoked by the awesome wonder of our beautiful home.

With the changes happening on the planet currently, I felt very ‘called’ by the sounds to give additional assistance and provide a support service as humanity goes through a mass consciousness expansion and spiritual awakening (this has been described by some as moving to the ‘New Golden Era’, the ‘Ascension pathway’, ‘Atlantis rising’, ‘raising spiritual vibration’, rising to the ‘5th dimensional frequency’ and ‘Return of the Christ and Christ/Buddhic Consciousness’).

This spiritual expansion is creating a need in all of us to clear and regain balance  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel that Sound Therapy and Nature are a natural partnership for maintaining wellness in our current times.

On my own journey of growing my spiritual awareness and understanding, I have embraced the work of Luisa Piccarreta and ‘living in the Divine Will’. I aim for all my acts to be Divinely guided and affirm that God’s will be done for my Clients, trusting that the Holy Spirit and Christ know what the Higher Self of my Clients need at this time. I actively feel this exceptionally loving, sacred Divine presence, helping, healing and holding people as they receive the sacred sounds during the Sound Therapy sessions.

If you have found this site then I feel honoured, humbled and privileged at the prospect of supporting you and being of service, please let me know how I can be of help and support to you.