Sound Therapy for Animals

Animals are very receptive to Sound Therapy and all Animals are capable of feeling the benefit of a Sound Therapy session.

Sound Therapy supports Animals with their natural healing abilities and helps them to feel calm and relaxed.

The range of Animals we typically treat, include family pets (e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs), as well as large animals (e.g. horses, cows) and wild animals (e.g. foxes, hares, birds).

Sound Therapy is of great assistance to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of Animals, giving assistance in the recovery of a wide range of conditions/issues including: 

-Aggression, Fear, Stress

-Running Off, Wetting, Excessive Barking

-Physical Injury, Lack of Energy, Fear of Loud Noises

-Biting, Attacking, Birth Trauma

-Lack of Bonding, Excessive Bonding, Possessiveness

-Separation Anxiety, Not Eating, Nervousness

Bereavement/loss of Owner, Grief, Abandonment

-Neglect, Shock, Guilt, Rescue trauma and anxiety

After receiving a Sound Therapy session, Animals experience relief from the suffering caused by physical pain, emotional blocks and mental anguish.  This may be evidenced by an increase in peace, love, affection, trust, connection, harmony, friendship, loyalty and intuition.


In the Sound Therapy session, Gloria also gives support to the Guardian(s) of the Animal.

At Oceans of calm, we recognise that the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual well-being of the Animal/Pet is closely related to their Guardian(s) health and well-being.

Sometimes, as an act of service, Animals will take on the feelings and emotions of their Guardian(s) to ease their burden, a real act of love from our Animal friends.

In some cases, negative behaviours and bad habits can be due to your Animals/Pets reaction to stress and negativity within the home or family environment. Gloria will work with you in a non intrusive way, to see what can be done within the energetic living environment of your Animal/Pet, to create the most positive recovery outcome.

For larger Animals and Pets, you may find that they feel more comfortable being treated in their natural surroundings, this can be arranged with Gloria during the booking process.

Sound Therapy does not need to be received in close proximity for your Animal to be treated, for example Sound Therapy is conducted through glass for Wild Animals in enclosures, or across the yard/paddock for farm Animals.

Sound Therapy can also be conducted remotely by distance through a videotelephony platform such as whatsapp/skype etc.



Sound Therapy is also of great comfort and assistance to your Animal/Pet if they are not feeling well and are at the Veterinarian’s Clinic receiving treatment.

Animals find the sounds gentle, calming and reassuring, helping them to find their centre of peace.

The sounds are very supportive to them, especially if they are transitioning in the last stages of Earthly life, as they pass over the rainbow bridge to the Heavenly Realms.

An end of life service is provided by Oceans of Calm, please contact Gloria for more details.