Sound Therapy for the Community

Community Groups

As a not for profit social enterprise, the mission of Oceans of Calm is to provide therapeutic support to individuals or groups in need or in recovery, through collaborative partnerships. Oceans of Calm aims to give extra support to both adult groups and vulnerable children e.g. children with special needs.

 Community Workshops and Events

I combine my Nature connection guiding with sound therapy and offer wellbeing guided walks in Forest and Sound bathing, publicised on the events page.

I also offer a series of wellbeing workshops to individuals/care givers working with children such as:

  • Early years practitioners
  • Special needs assistants
  • Child minders
  • Homeschool parenting groups
  • Creche and Kindergarten services
  • Teachers
  • Parents/guardians
  • Support workers

The main goal is to enable care givers in maintaining the wellness and balance of children during their childhood years. Training is given in Nature connection and sound bathing techniques, utilising the sounds of the Om, 528 Hz and Rhythm of Gaia tuning forks.

Workshops are publicised on the events page. Individuals attending these workshops may chose to go on to fully train as a sound therapy practitioner, enabling them to work therapeutically with individuals via the Suara Sound Academy see for further information.