About Sound Therapy

Oceans of Calm utilises a tuning fork sound therapy modality, based on the teachings of Debbi Walker, Founder and Principal of the Suara Sound Academy. The sound healing system was initially brought through by Debbi’s intuitive guidance in 2010 and a series of tuning forks were then carefully engineered to Debbi’s instructions and specifications.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) commented that ‘sound is the medicine of our future’, Debbi Walker (2020) attests that

“Sound is the medicine of now”

With everything in the Universe being vibration and energy, sound has the ability to create and change both the form and function of physical matter. As Walker (2020) encourages:

“Change your vibration, change your life”

Our body’s and cells vibrate constantly, this is a natural process. For optimum health our cells need to be vibrating at a higher frequency. At lower vibrational frequencies, ill health may occur in the body alongside emotional suffering.  Our vibrational frequency is affected by our values, attitudes and emotions, stuck emotions (emotions that we have not been able to process or express) cause blocks in our energetic state and reduce our energetic frequency and vibration. A clear, cleansed and balanced free flowing healthy energetic system enables higher emotions to surface and facilitates the evolution of  higher levels of consciousness and energy. As low energy forms and vibrations are released, our cells are more able to access and internalise higher frequencies in the form of light. Dr David R Hawkins developed the Hawkins energy scale map of consciousness which demonstrates the relationship between frequency, consciousness and the progression from suffering to enlightenment.

Bruce Tainio and Tanio Technologies created a frequency monitoring system to measure frequencies in the body, they found that different tissues and organs in the body all have different optimal frequencies that they work at and disease begins when the frequency drops, for when the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. The healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz. Colds and flu start at 57-60 MHz, Disease starts at 58 MHz, Viral Infection at 55 MHz, Tissue breakdown from disease 48 MHz, Cancer 42 MHz, Death begins at 20 MHz.

Sound therapy has been reported to provide assistance within a wide range of applications including relaxation, pain relief, health improvements for specific conditions, energy and sleep improvements, sadness and depression, clarity and focus, intuition and spiritual connection, stress relief, balancing and grounding, child relaxation and animal healing.

Sound therapy not only enables you to come back into harmony within your own energy and vibrations, but also with the Universe.

Each tuning fork is attuned to the frequency of a vibration. As you experience the sound therapy in the session, your mind, body, spirit and soul are brought into resonance and frequency with the sounds. All within you that is not in harmony with the tonal sound frequencies are cleared, cleansed and balanced, restoring you to a state of deep peace and calm.

A range of tuning forks are used in the healing Gloria provides, these include:

The Violet Ray

Clear, Cleanse and Balance System

(OM, Weighted OM and the 528hz)

The clear, cleanse and balance frequencies are used at the beginning of every session, bringing you into a state of deep calm and peace. The OM, synchronises you with the original universal frequency of the Cosmos, a frequency that is found in all of Nature, a frequency of Maternal, Divine feminine love.

The 528hz fork sometimes known as ‘the miracle fork’ is one of the sacred solfeggio frequencies, this tone tunes you to the vibration of miracles, transformations and Universal love.

The Rhythm of Gaia

The Rhythm of Gaia is based on the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz is the average Schumann resonance of the Earth) and helps to connect your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being to the pulse and heartbeat of Mother Earth, giving a feeling of interconnectedness, unity and oneness with the Earth and all sentient beings. The Rhythm of Gaia returns you to the primordial frequency of love, creating feelings of balance, deep peace and calm.

The Sacred Solfeggio

The Solfeggio frequencies help to release stuck emotions that can manifest and materialise as unease and dis-ease in the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul bodies. As old wounds and belief systems are healed and released, the inner landscape changes and the outer world of lived experiences correspondingly alters, in resonance and alignment. Unity consciousness and feelings of returning home to God/All that is, can be achieved by undoing all the conditioning, learnt behaviors and limitations that cause separation from Source. The Solfeggio frequencies are a sacred scale for harmony, awareness and connectedness. The old Sacred Solfeggio frequencies were as follows:

  • 174 Hz Used for releasing pain; physical, mental, emotional and karmic
  • 285 Hz Used for releasing wounding; physical, mental, emotional and karmic
  • 396 Hz Liberating fear and guilt
  • 417 Hz Undoing situations and facilitating change
  • 528 Hz Transformation and miracles and the Universal Love frequency
  • 639 Hz Connections and relationships
  • 741 Hz Awakening Intuition
  • 852 Hz Returning to spiritual order
  • 963 Hz At One with the All (Unity consciousness and oneness)

Oceans of Calm now uses the new Sacred Solfeggio frequencies that were gifted to the Planet through the Suara Sound Academy in February 2022.  The key difference between the old and new is that the new Sacred Solfeggio frequencies transfigure the old stuck energy immediately into a higher vibration, where the old paradigm of e.g. pain, guilt and fear is no longer acknowledged or accepted by you as existing or being a part of your current reality, for you have chosen to raise your waking consciousness to a higher vibration. The new higher vibrational frequencies for each tuning fork are specified below:

  • 174 Hz Health and harmony leading to healing and being in tune.
  • 285 Hz Kindness and Grace leading to feeling Cleansed and Divine Trust.
  • 396 Hz Love and freedom leading to Peace and Wholeness
  • 417 Hz Living in the Now leading to being anchored and fully present
  • 528 Hz Being a living miracle and Divine transformation with Universal Love leading to manifesting and magnetizing your best life
  • 639 Hz Unity consciousness as ONE love leading to togetherness and belonging
  • 741 Hz Soul connection to God/Divine/Source/Universe leading to full Awareness and Intuition of Divine Consciousness 
  • 852 Hz As above, so below; As within, so without-Being and connection to the God Self leading to Enlightenment and the feeling of Home coming
  • 963 Hz I Am the infinite of Divine love and grace leading to Universal expansion and acknowledgment of the Light Being that you are

(Copyright Debbi Walker, Suara Sound Academy, 2022)



The Cosmic Forks

The Music of the Spheres

These 7 frequencies harmonise your 7 main chakras with the planets, bringing your energetic system into alignment with the energy of the Cosmos enabling higher qualities, virtues and emotions to arise within you such as; love, joy, peace, compassion, gratitude, personal power and strength, feeling alive, playful, free, intuition, knowing your truth, speaking your truth, feelings of safety and security in connection with the Earth, return of feelings of purity and innocence, soul purpose and alignment with Divine will. The Cosmic tuning forks are:

  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Sun
  • Om
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Soul Purpose