Message from Gloria


“As we individually and collectively journey on our path of Self healing, embracing and expanding our own light within, huge opportunities for personal growth and development are now being presented to us, opportunities that have never been made available before.

Where it was once a series of lifetime upon lifetime, of continuous learning and expansion of consciousness that propelled us forward, we are now living in the most extraordinary times, where Divine dispensations are enabling us to Ascend (embody our own Soul Light) in one life time. 

This workshop was downloaded to me by the Archangels as an act of love and service to human kind, as the old ways of learning through pain and suffering are no more. 

Now as we venture into the new Golden Era, we can delight in the knowledge that the future heralds the promise of pure joy, with perfect health and harmony for all.

Based on the new healing system brought through to me by the Angels in 2022; the Synergistic Systemic System©, Archangel Metatron and the Cosmic Dragons lovingly and so very gently work with you, to deeply cleanse and permanently remove from the very core of your being, the roots of dis-ease within you, all the way back to the beginning of time.

Designed as a whole body spiritual intensive, any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disharmony that you feel ready to let go of in this moment, will be dissolved and removed and replaced with joyous Divine light.

Through Divine Grace, all levels of release are being supported by the Archangel Metatron and the Cosmic Dragons (dragons are a type of angel), freeing you to pursue your life and Soul path, to new levels of health, happiness, joy and freedom.

I look forward to sharing this exceptionally beautiful, unique, one of its kind offering from the Angels, which will vastly accelerate you on your personal healing and Ascension journey.

May you find the love of the Cosmos greet you tenderly throughout your day.

Much love and light to you my dear sisters and brothers of the light”


Gloria x

If you would like to know more about Archangel Metatron I would recommend Harps of Gold: Healing Beyond Time and Space by Pippa Merivale, for Dragons I recommend Dragons: Your Celestial Guardians by Diana Cooper and for Sound Therapy our site page www.oceansofcalm.org/soundtherapy





  • An immersion into the holy light and holy sound of the angels led by Archangel Metatron
  • A series of gentle guided meditations accompanied by tuning fork sound baths throughout the day
  • A safe space, with no talking or sharing required
  • Sounds and energies that work in the quantum field outside of space and time, giving you the opportunity to do the work in your sleep state, gentle and relaxing
  • A comprehensive holistic whole body wellness exploration of mind, body, spirit and soul incorporating a deep cleansing, clearing and recharging of the:

13 main physical body systems

22 major chakras of the energy system

13 main emotional body wounds

13 main mental body wounds

7 layer auric field

  • Metatronic cellular deep cleansing with Archangel Metatron and his 5th dimensional Golden Orange Dragons 
  • Metatronic DNA clearing 
  • Gifts and activations from the Dragons to accelerate you on your lightworker journey of Ascension through the energies of the 4th dimensional Elemental Dragons and the 5th and 7th dimensional Cosmic Dragons

Workshop Outline

Deep Cleansing and Restoration of the

13 Main Physical Body Systems

This involves gently clearing, cleansing, restoring, balancing, wholing and healing synergistically, all the main bodily systems, honouring the body as a whole, integrated, interconnected system greater than the sum of its parts. Specifically we work on the:

    1. Integumentary system (Skin, hair and nails)
    2. Skeletal system (Bones and joints)
    3. Muscular system (cardiac, smooth/involuntary and skeletal/voluntary muscles)
    4. Lymphatic system (red bone marrow, thymus, lymphatic vessels, thoracic duct, spleen, lymph nodes)
    5. Respiratory system (Nasal cavity, Pharynx, Larynx, trachea, Bronchus, Lung)
    6. Nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves)
    7. Endocrine system -the hormones and the glands (Pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary, testis). N.B. This system produces the hormones
    8. Cardiovascular/Circulatory system (Heart, blood, vessels)
    9. Urinary system (Kidney, Ureter, Urinary Bladder, Urethra)
    10. Reproductive system (male; prostate gland, penis, testis, scrotum, ductus deferens and female; breast/mammary glands, ovary, uterus, vagina, fallopian tube)
    11. Digestive system; Gastrointestinal tract (mouth & oral cavity), oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus) & organs of the digestive system (Liver, pancreas, gallbladder)
    12. Limbs and Torso (Hands and Feet, Front and Back Torso)
    13. Sensory Organs (Head/face; eyes, ear, nose, chin, lips & mouth, tongue, teeth)


Deep Cleansing and Restoration

of the 22 Major Chakras of the Energy System

Chakras are wheels of energy that form part of our spiritual energy system. Seen as spinning wheels of light energy, they are able to absorb light as well as radiate light out. Acting as a series of interconnecting cogs, energy can flow easily up and down the chakra column when in balance. Blockages in the chakras, left unresolved, can eventually lead to ill health in the physical body.

In the session you focus on gently clearing, balancing and bringing into harmony your main 22 Chakras, these are the chakras that are now playing an integral role in our Ascension (our greater embodiment of light) as we move into becoming heart centred through the vibration of unconditional love and peace, that raises us up to the fifth dimensional frequency. The main chakras are the:

  1. Infinite I AM
  2. Stellar Gateway
  3. Celestial Gate/Soul Star
  4. Causal Moon
  5. Crown
  6. Third Eye
  7. Throat
  8. Higher Heart/Thymus
  9. Heart
  10. Solar Plexus
  11. Naval
  12. Sacral
  13. Root/Base
  14. Earth Star
  15. Ancestral
  16. Primal/Primordial
  17. Right Foot
  18. Left Foot
  19. Right Knee
  20. Left Knee
  21. Right Hand
  22. Left Hand

 Deep Cleansing and Restoration of the 13 Main

Emotional & Mental body Wounds & 7 layer auric field

Emotional Body

After a difficult, unpleasant or traumatic experience, strong emotions may surface as a reaction to the pain endured, resulting in a range of  unwanted feelings. Left unattended these feelings create emotional wounds that can drain our energy and create blocks within us, affecting us on all levels, including our physical and mental well being.

In the session you are invited to gently work with the angels and surrender to them any of the 13 main emotional wounds that feels right for you to let go of at this time, namely: 

  1. Shame 
  2. Guilt
  3. Apathy/withdrawal/disconnection
  4. Grief
  5. Fear and anxiety
  6. Resentment
  7. Anger
  8. Bitterness
  9. Rage
  10. Intolerance
  11. Sadness
  12. Hopelessness
  13. Emotional suffering (caused through the limiting beliefs of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, humiliation and injustice)

Mental Body

In response to difficult situations in our lives, unwanted thoughts may emerge that can often develop into a series of limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. Over time, if left unattended to, these thought patterns become our reality and an unhealthy energetic dynamic of repetitive reinforcing life experiences may unfold. The angels very gently and lovingly release from you the 13 main mental wounds caused through either thought, word or deed from:

  1. Self hatred
  2. Hatred of others
  3. Low self esteem
  4. Lack of self love
  5. Critical of self
  6. Critical of others
  7. Jealous/envious of others
  8. Judgemental of self
  9. Judgemental of others
  10. Self doubt/ignoring intuition
  11. Lack of trust
  12. Misdirected personal power through inertia, submission or dominance
  13. False Pride

Auric Field Body

Each of the 7 layers of the Auric Field Body is associated with one of the 7 main chakras, each layer increases in vibration and frequency as the layers extend out and interpenetrate each other and the physical body. The body’s vertical flow of energy through the chakras, pulsates in the spinal column up and down like a power current, interconnected with the Auric Field Body, which serves like a blueprint or architects plan for perfect health.

Different illnesses can be associated with each of the 7 layers and chakras. The auric layers and chakras need to be in a state of balance and flow for optimum health to flourish.

In the session you are given the opportunity to work with the angels as they gently help you to bring your auric field layers into balance and harmony, as you release to them any blocks that feel right for you to do so at this time. Each layer of the Auric Field Body functions as follows:

  1. The first layer (the Etheric Body-lower aspect) and its responding first chakra (the base/root chakra), is associated with physical functioning and feeling and the sensations of pain or pleasure, as well as maintaining the automatic and autonomic body functioning
  2. The second layer (the emotional body-lower emotional aspect) and its responding chakra (the sacral chakra), are associated with the emotional aspect, they are the vehicle through which we experience our emotional life and feelings
  3. The third layer (the mental body-lower mental aspect) and its responding chakra (the solar plexus), is associated with linear mental thinking and our mental life
  4. The fourth layer (the astral body) and its responding chakra (the heart), is where we receive and extend love for our friends, family, community and humanity as a whole. Love is an energy and it is in the astral body and heart chakra that love energy is metabolised.
  5. The fifth layer (the etheric template-physical aspect) and its responding chakra (the throat chakra) is associated with the power of the spoken word and speaking things into being as well as listening and taking  responsibility for our actions. The fifth layer is also associated with us having a higher will, more connected to Divine will
  6. The sixth layer (the celestial body-emotional aspect) and its responding chakra (the third eye chakra), is associated with celestial love that extends beyond human range and encompasses all of life and all sentient beings. The caring, support, nurture and protection of all sentient beings is associated with this chakra, holding all forms as precious manifestations of God.
  7. The seventh layer (the ketheric body-mental aspect) and its responding chakra (the crown chakra), is associated with the higher mind and the integration of the spiritual with the physical.

Reference: Barbara Ann Brennan ‘Hands of Light’ 

Metatronic Cellular Deep Cleanse

Archangels are spiritual beings that come from the heart of Source that vibrate at a 7th dimensional frequency or higher. They do not have free wil and are messengers of God with wide open hearts. Some people may be able to perceive their wings which are actually extensions of their heart centres. These 7th and 9th dimensional beings are able to spread their light and influence across many Universes and oversee great projects (see Diana Cooper teachings on Archangels for more details www.dianacooper.com).

Archangel Metatron sits at the top of the tree of life and is in charge of the Ascension of all of Humanity, the Earth and the entire Universe. He has an etheric retreat above the temple in Luxor in Egypt. This is a 9th dimensional temple that you can choose to visit in your meditative or dream state.

Archangel Metatron is in charge of your Stellar gateway Chakra, which holds the energy of your Monad/I Am presence (your Soul) and helps you to build your antakarana bridge to Source. 

Archangel Metatron and his Golden Orange Dragons, will help you to open your heart, which you may find has shut down in fear, through not being loved, cherished or safe enough.

When our hearts start to close, we sometimes hide our terror in our cells and in the deepest most concealed corners of our heart. If the roots of our painful stories and themes are not dislodged from the body and energy field, then they will dominate our lives and cause us to experience a self repeating cycle of events that constantly reinforce our hidden beliefs. 

The goal is for our hearts to be wide open. To achieve this Archangel Metatron instructs us to remove the story from our body energetically, so that all lower frequency memories, thought forms, emotions and limiting beliefs can be dissolved and displaced right back to the beginning of time,

In this session you will be given the opportunity to work with Archangel Metatron to surrender any stories being stored in your body that you feel comfortable and ready to release at this time, so that you no longer identify with these stories and no longer experience them as limitations and wounds. 

This Metatronic cellular deep cleanse, enables you to not only gently remove the story/reoccuring themes from this, your current life, but also from  your past lives, or your inherited cellular ancestry.

This process of deep cleansing and clearing will help you to re-activate the energy of your heart gateway/Soul connection where heaven and earth meet within you. 

Reference: Pippa Merivale ‘Harps of Gold: healing beyond time and space 

Metatronic DNA Clearing

Archangel Metatron invites you to clear any unwanted energies from your DNA, to enable you to start the process of restoring your cellular structure back to the original divine blueprint, one of radiant health.

In this session Archangel Metatron guides you to explore your own 12 strands of DNA and surrender to him, anything that does not feel right or does not feel like it serves you any more/does not belong in your energy field. You are totally in charge and control, as you step into your sovereignty and reclaim your personal power for the responsibility and integrity of your energy system.

Gifts of the Dragons

The Dragons joyously work with you to accelerate your journey of Ascension as a lightworker, helping you to build your light body of perfect, radiant health and Soul connection, through their gifts and activation energies.

4th dimensional Earth and Air Dragons assist you to stay balanced, ground your visons and manifest your hopes and dreams, enabling you to access the perfect balance of Heaven and Earth

4th dimensional Air dragons assist you to communicate honestly, bringing you inspiration and hope, helping you see life from a higher perspective, helping you to rise above Earthly matters

4th dimensional Air and Fire dragons enable you to harness your creativity, excitement and enthusiasm, expanding your creative energies with heightened abilities to communicate your passion

5th dimensional Black Dragons from Saturn bring you wisdom through spiritual discipline, helping you to concentrate and focus on your ultimate vision, to be receiving this gift you have passed your initiations as a lightworker and already proven that you are committed to acting for the good of all in higher service, well on your way as a lightworker on your Ascension journey

5th dimensional Orange Dragons help you to spread belonging, warmth and oneness, bringing people together everywhere; soul families and communities

5th dimensional Black dragons cocoon you so that your divine potential grows, this involves your own spiritual practice of meditation and reflection as you undergo your metamorphosis

7th dimensional White-Gold Dragons from Lyra, help you to develop your causal chakra and bathe in ninth dimensional Christ light. These Dragons connect you to the highest Christ light available on our planet at this time

Personal benefits

  • A rarely available opportunity for a whole system integrated healing
  • A golden opportunity to receive Divine dispensations, for your accelerated growth and healing, only now being made available on Earth at this time
  • A gentle and loving way for you to remove from your body any current life, past life or ancestral stories, back to the beginning of time
  • A unique bestowing of gifts from the Archangels and Dragons, uniquely bestowed on you in this workshop, helping you to remove blocks and release your creative energies
  • Provides you with a one of its kind spiritual intensive, all in one day, enabling you to take a significant step forward in the advancement of your own spiritual journey
  • Gives you an accelerated personal development opportunity for stepping into your Self Mastery as you start the Ascension journey for the full embodiment of your mighty I AM presence, your own Soul light.


Prior Knowledge & Experience

The main requirement is a desire from the heart to progress along your own Self healing and spiritual pathway. 

You are expected to be mentally and emotionally stable and responsible for your actions and behaviours at all times.


Materials & Equipment Required

Please bring with you something to lay down on, such as a yoga mat and a cushion or light blanket and anything else you feel you need (warm socks!) to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Please also bring some drinking water with you, as it is advisable to drink plenty of water throughout the workshop and in the days afterward, as you continue to gently clear.

Workshop Investment

The workshop runs at various venues as live one day events throughout the year in Ireland. The investment in the course is detailed for each venue, please click the booking button below to book your place